Books - Modern
(within the last few years)

The Long Emergency

Surviving the converging catastrophes of the twenty-first century / James Howard Kunstler

Twilight In The Desert

The coming Saudi oil shock and the world economy / Matthew R. Simmons

Island in the Sea of Time

A cosmic disturbance transports the island of Nantucket and its inhabitants over three thousand years back in time to the shores of a stone age America

The Weathermakers

How man is changing the climate and what it means for life on earth / Tim Flannery

How Societies choose to fail or succeed / Jared Diamond

Waiting For The Macaws
and other stories from the age of extinctions / Terry Glavin

The Science of Good & Evil
Why people cheat, gossip, care, share and follow the golden rule - Michael Shermer

Camp of the Saints
Jean Raspail and Jeremy Leggatt

The day the world exploded August 27, 1883 / Simon Winchester

It's The Crude Dude
War, big oil and fight for the planet

Holding The Bully's Coat

Canada and the U.S. empire / Linda McQuaig

The Limits of Power

The end of American exceptionalism / Andrew J. Bacevich

A Fair Country

Telling truths about Canada / John Ralston Saul

Books - Environmental Classics

Small Is Beautiful
Economics as if people mattered / E.F. Schumacher

The Waste Makers
Vance Packard (difficult to find - try used books or online book finders)

(2006) Oil depletion, government corruption and denial ... for Powell River people concerned about the LNG plant ... watch for terrorist attacks on one of the LNG tankers, the kind they want floating past our doorstep!

Soylent Green

An Inconvenient Truth
(2006) Al Gore

Farenheit 9/11

(2006) Michael Moore

Manufactured Landscapes


The B.C. government is planning to allow tanker traffic through the Georgia Strait (Remember Exxon Valdez?!)