Personal Aspirations / Life Transitions

"Find your dreams and bring them to life!"



Personal Life Coach 

We live in dynamic, exciting and challenging times.  Once our basic material needs are satisfied, we don’t need more money to be happy, but we do need loving families, supportive social relationships, absorption in satisfying activity, a sense of purpose in our lives, novelty, and security from catastrophic threat to our income and health.  

What is your part in finding your fulfilled life?  What is your accountability in living peacefully in accord with your basic human needs while developing and maintaining loving, nurturing relationships?   

Whether it’s a better relationship with yourself, with your “higher power” or others - none of us can make this “living” journey alone.  Believe it or not - you have all the tools you need to plunge fully into your life right now.  It is only up to up to you to choose Are you ready to face challenges bravely, hopefully, with confidence, love, and valiance?

It may not feel like it at times but indeed you do have all your answers.  You are a creative, resourceful and whole individual.  My role as a coach is to be here, in whatever way the client needs me to be, for anyone who chooses to practice, expand, strengthen or invigorate their dreams and understanding of themselves and their personal contract and purpose in life.  Whether you are just getting by, building your reserves, reaching for stars or dreaming beyond dreams . . . congratulations on your journey so far.  You had faith in you and so do I.  

As the owner of a real estate company and a Realtor for 32 years, my life has always been about melding hearts with home, families and communities.  In this capacity I assist people meet their basic material needs in housing and community while working with the dynamics of family and social structure.  I have been involved in personal growth programs since 2005 and continue to facilitate these programs regularly.  I am a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, a member of The International Coaches Federation and a certified instructor for “Personality Dimensions” workshops. 

Wherever we find ourselves in your own personal journeys, the benefit to be gained by having a personal life coach supporting, encouraging, championing and believing in you and your dreams, can have a profound impact on moving you forward to fulfillment, achievement, accomplishment and peace. 

I offer one 45 minute complimentary coaching call so that you can experience how coaching works, what value it may bring into your personal journey and whether or not I am the right coach for you.